The Vote For Anyone BUT Antonio Campaign

LA Metblogs is calling on voters to show up at the polls on March 3rd- and vote for one of the nine candidates running against Antonio for the office of mayor. Doesn’t matter which one. Just as long as it’s not Mr. Villaraigosa. Their reasoning is sound:

It’s highly unrealistic that any one of these candidates will come close to beating Antonio, but if our incumbent mayor doesn’t receive at least 50% of all votes, we head into a runoff election… a result that might actually deflate Antonio’s ego a bit, and have him actually pay attention to his constituency a little more.

For this to happen, all Angelenos need to do is head to the polls March 3rd and vote for anyone BUT Antonio.

Don’t worry, there’s not a chance in hell Zuma Dogg will win, even if you vote for him. So pick a challenger and vote:

Carlos Alvarez

Bruce Darian
James Harris
David Hernandez
Phil Jennerjahn
Walter Moore
David “Zuma Dogg” Saltsberg
Craig X. Rubin
Gordon Turner

Thanks to Joseph Mailander for rounding up the candidates websites, and his generally fabulous coverage of the mayoral “race”.