The University of Melbourne to expand iPad pilot program

Trinity College has just released a report on the first phase of its iPad pilot program. This phase ran from August 2010 to January 2011, and it included 44 students and 24 staff.

The range of subjects taught with iPads in Phase Two will expand from the original subjects: English for Academic Purposes, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, History of Ideas, Drama, Environment and Development, Economics, and Maths 1, to now include Media and Communications, Accounting, Psychology, Maths 2, and Biology. There’s no mention of how many students will be included, however.

The results of phase one were uniformly good. Some of the key findings were:

● Pilot project staff and August Entry students overwhelmingly recommend iPads for use by other TCFS staff and students: 76.2% of staff and 80% of students
● iPads are effective, durable, reliable and achieve their educational aims of going further, faster and with more fun
● iPads have advantages for TCFS over other technologies such as netbooks and laptops
● iPads are not a replacement for desktop/laptop computers or other educational technologies but are an enhancement

The report recommends that iPads be distributed to all Trinity College academic staff in 2011, and that Trinity College provide technology training for all staff. The report then goes on to recommend the roll out of iPads to all Trinity College students in 2012.