The Typographer’s Biography


Years ago, when youth was still at our fingertips, we were too busy to think about typographers, what with the running blistfully through meadows, the skipping stones at the ol’ creek, and, well, drinking a lot of beer in college. But now that we’re grown and infintely more wise, we eat up biographical info, particularly those about typographers. It seems like they’re the people no one seems to pay much attention to in the “normal world,” despite probably having the most familiar work. So we love reading about these interesting typographers and that’s why we enjoyed this terrific write-up on the great site Veerle’s Blog. It’s all about Rene Albert Chalet, who’s signature typeface is utilized by the very blog. Here’s some:

At that time he sought comfort in his first love, the opera and started working at the Marionette du Theatre du Luxembourg in Paris. It was also at that time that many colleagues suggested that he should establish himself as a couturier. So in 1951 he started Atelier Chalet. He established a sleek and feminine style and followed the Bauhaus principles closely with his machine made collections that where mostly prêt-à-porter. To many Pierre Cardin is credited as being the first couturier to begin licensing his designs for mechanized manufacture, although fashion chronicles agree that Chalet was the first to make prêt-à-porter his sole focus. The French fashion establishment where threatened by the sudden shift towards prêt-à-porter so supporters of Haute Couture shout down any word of his accomplishments.