The TSA Pulls Its Guns Out (On Instagram)

Let’s play the hypothetical game: Say you’re a government agency that many see as a necessary evil, but you still get singled out as an example of everything wrong with our system. It’s tough to be popular when your job involves insisting that everyone remove their shoes, belts, wallets, ice picks, meat cleavers, spear guns, brass knuckles, gasoline canisters, and any other vaguely metallic objects before entering a full-body scanner with an NC-17 rating.

What do you do to improve your public profile? Start an Instagram account to show the world what you’re doing right—because who reads things anymore?

Our point: here are some fun weapons that the Transportation Security Administration confiscated and featured on its brand new picture page. Oh hey, it’s a loaded pistol small enough to fit in your toiletry bag!

Next comes another tiny, poorly hidden handgun:

Not impressed yet? Here’s a stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes complete with total giveaway typo:

It gets better—here’s a knife ingeniously disguised as a gun, because no one ever looks for those:

OK, you have to admit that this belt buckle/knife combo is pretty cool:

And a blade hidden within a fake credit card? Touché, Mr. Bond:

Both last and least, someone finally found a way to transport illegal fireworks across state lines: stuff them in your carry-on!

Will this project help reaffirm the public’s faith in the national security state? Probably not! But it does serve as a useful reminder that some people are incredibly stupid. And we expect to see more cool pictures as thanks for all those tax dollars.

A final point: we appreciate the TSA’s mastery of the hashtag, but we question their use of filters, because Mayfair and X-Pro II are where it’s at. (Hey, at least they didn’t use Kelvin.)