The Trick of Finding the Right Olympic Wardrobe for China as a Whole


Another bit of fun for a slow day, this time out of China. The China Daily is reporting on the difficulties of designing costumes for next year’s Beijing Olympics. Apparently, creating a look for the clothing worn for their hosting duties by combining a huge batch of traditions, both historical and regional, takes some time to think over and some arguments to be had. And what do you do when you can’t come up with something by committee? You put together a design contest for the public to submit ideas. And that’s where the country’s at now, still digging through submissions, trying to figure out just what to adorn their people in. Here’s some:

While some favor an ancient Chinese robe with wide sleeves and a belt at the

…Some suggest that Cheongsam dresses should be used for the victory ceremonies, while others claim that this traditional female dress featuring slits on either side is popular among receptionists at Chinese hotels and restaurants, but is not appropriate for the Olympics.

To complicate the design process, the costumes must also reflect “national characteristics,” no mean feat in a country of 56 ethnic groups each boasting a unique form of art and culture.

As an indication of the ongoing public debate on the issue, organizers will only make a final decision after gathering public opinion on the short-listed choices that were earlier selected from a national solicitation drive.