The Swag Bag Party Was Swanky


We were at Flaunt Magazine’s “Swag Bags for the Homeless” party last night. It was held at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd., home of the very first Academy Awards and one of three hotels claiming Marilyn Monroe is haunting them.

This was not the nerd fest that FBLA is accustomed to attending. Nope. At this party – only the waitress was a Harvard grad.

Anyway, we met actress, cellist, FBLA reader and winner of our ticket contest Catherine Campion.

We also spotted comedian Chris Reid, a ton of people that looked like are extras on The Hills and someone that could have been – but probably wasn’t Nicole Richie. We also had a drink with writer Jim Vallely who confirmed that there will be an Arrested Development movie. And there was of course, our host Bill Maher who our mother loves and is miffed that we didn’t get a picture with him. Sorry Mom, we were trying to be cool.

The party was great, but after being there for a couple of hours, we think we got something that we’re calling ‘contact munchies’ because we went straight home – ate a whole pizza and watched TV for an hour without it actually being on. Ahem.