The Sun‘ll Come Out Tomorrow?

The New York Sun‘s web site has been displaying glimmers of activity in recent days, despite the paper and site having been shut down since last September.
Society columnist Amanda Gordon has been blogging on the site since April 10, and yesterday, the site posted an unsigned editorial and one news article.
The site still attracts more than 100,000 unique visitors a month, which, for a dead site, is pretty good, writes Nieman Lab’s Zachary M. Seward. Publisher Seth Lipsky told Politico’s Michael Calderone that “a business plan for the site is still in formation,” and told Seward not to “make too much of that activity [on the site].” Still, eagle-eyed Seward noticed that the Sun’s previous holding company, One SL LLC, is no longer active. Instead, the Sun’s being held by a new company incorporated in December, Two SL LLC. The SL stands for Seth Lipsky. Hmm.
How to make money off this? Seward thinks it could be as simple as selling ads against the paper’s six-year archive, as well as driving new traffic to the site through some original reporting and smart aggregation. If a “dead” site can get a hundred thousand pageviews a month, why not?