The Sunday Shows Candidates Prefer

Based on Howie Kurtz’s piece today, we can deduce that…

…Giuliani, Thompson and Romney like FOX and Hillary and Edwards may not. Obama has done “Face,” “This Week,” and “Late Edition.” Edwards has done “Face,” “This Week” and “Meet.” McCain has “been the most available of the Republicans, appearing five times this year on the NBC, CBS and ABC Sunday shows, along with 11 appearances on Fox. Joe Biden has been the most talkative Democrat, with 11 visits to the five Sunday shows.” Clinton has yet to do a Sunday show.

Says GOP strategist Mike Murphy:

    “Republicans like Fox because it plays to their primary voting constituency, and Democrats like to boycott Fox because it brings cheap applause from their primary voting constituency,” says Mike Murphy, a GOP strategist and occasional panelist on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “The Democrats make a mistake by boycotting Fox, because they’re going to need red states to win. And Fred Thompson makes a mistake by communicating only through the medium of Sean Hannity.”