The Story Behind That Viral Sizzler Video

Finally, some clarity.

In case you missed it, a certain curious video promoting the chain restaurant Sizzler has been making the rounds this week: it appeared on Esquire before leaking to Mashable, The Huffington Post, PopSugar, SFGate…you get it.

Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it — or if you just want to flash back to 1991:

We certainly weren’t the only party to search Sizzler’s press releases to ask about this video today, and the company has begun to respond to media queries.

Here’s a quote from Kristina Van Bruggen, VP of marketing for Sizzler USA:

“We’re very humbled by the thousands of wonderful posts from our customers. Sizzler is and has always been a special place for American families. We are thrilled this video is touching so many people and stirring such positive feelings about our country. Sizzle on, America, sizzle on!”

In case you were wondering, the video was produced by a third-party company in order to promote franchise sales. It was screened for employees at the company’s 1991 annual meeting.

How did it end up on the Internet? Ask Rachel Redhouse