The Starchitects Have Entered LA


We woke up this morning in a big of a state: party at the mass grave on Friday (full report TK), similar on Saturday, unbridled awesome last night. So we were a little put off to find an article in LA Downtown News (via ArchNewsNow) about celebrity architects and why they kinda suck sometimes.

Because we were kind of there already. And so, we thought, was the rest of the culturescape. Apparently not.

Sam Hall Kaplan writes

Developers looking on with interest also want to know if there is any basis to the gossip that, whomever the star architects selected, they all tend to be more temperamental, moody artist than stoic practitioner.

Gehry, check. Mayne, check. But we’re still a little confused about these stoic practitioners. We can’t see them. We can’t touch them. And we certainly can’t believe in them.