The Social Job Search — Can Social Networks Help You Land a Job [Infographic]

It’s pretty impressive what LinkedIn is able to gleam from your profile, your contacts and your location, and although it has its flaws, it’s a great way to augment your job hunt (sorry, had to!).  Social networking has become key to securing new employment, and a recent infographic from onlinedegrees shows some pretty impressive statistics about the phenomenon.

Did you know that 94.5% of recruiters surveyed have hired candidates through LinkedIn?  That’s a key statistic, and shows that the people who know how to impress using their LinkedIn profile will have a key advantage today.  So how do you make yourself stand out?  The areas that get the most attention are your profile picture and your job title.  Make sure that those represent you well.  Employers also look at your referrals to see positive reviews and ratings to know that you’re a solid employee.

Check out more tips and statistics in the infographic below.

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