The Shuster Campaign


A tipster alerted us to this Facebook page supporting MSNBC’s David Shuster during his times of trouble.

From the look of things, the page has been started by relatives of Shuster’s wife (Bloomberg reporter Julianna Goldman).

UPDATE: We’re told that neither the Facebook page nor the “Enough is Enough” email were encouraged or sanctioned by David himself, so the below should be read with that in mind.

Regardless of your opinion of Pimp-gate (and, from what we can tell, there are plenty of you on both sides of the fence), we have to ask: Is this necessarily a smart move by Shuster & Co.?

  • If Shuster’s suspension is only temporary, what is the fight for? His job should be right where he left when he returns, right? If that’s not the case, is this a sign that perhaps the suspension could result in something much worse for Shuster? After all, this Facebook page says, “David Shuster has been suspended from NBC, with further discipline possible…” (emph. added).

  • Assuming that this Facebook page, this Shuster email and the countless of pro-Shuster anonymous tips flooding both FishbowlDC, TVNewser and other media blogs, are, to some extent, “Shuster Sanctioned,” is it a smart strategy for Shuster & Co. to take on (and in some cases criticize, like the part of this Facebook page which reads: “NBC needs to stand up for its journalists — especially those, like David, who we rely on to speak the truth”) MSNBC directly? Is that a good way to win back the affection of your network? Or is the plan to shame them into admitting excessive punishment (and prevent them from enacting further punishment)?

    Oh, and just in case you care, here’s the latest pro-Shuster effort: