The Saga of a ‘See Ya’ Letter to a Small Town

A jury is deliberating right now on the bizarre case of Cynthia Moreno, a student from Coalinga who wrote a rant on the Internet. While attending Cal Berkeley in 2005, she declared the people who live in Coalinga are dinks who will never experience all the great thinks she will. “That’s right, fucking envy me,” she wrote on her MySpace page in 2005. Then the local paper published it. Then Moreno got death threats. Someone shot her dog. Then Moreno decided to sue her school principal for giving the paper the letter.

Pablo Lopez
at the Fresno Bee writes:

The case is full of ironies, most notably the fact that Moreno is a Fresno reporter. She works for the Spanish-language newspaper Vida en el Valle, which is published by The Bee.

She and her lawyer refused to speak to The Bee about their case.

So, up and comer pens piece telling her crap town she IS better than it and crap town sets out to destroy her because of her bravado, then up and comer trying to prove how forward thinking she is sues her high school principal. There are more ironies we’re sure but that covers the big ones.

This should give anyone who ever wrote about how everyone in their town were small-minded jerks pause. Don’t put it on MySpace or the small-minded jerks will shoot your dog. Geez.

Also there are legal implications for newspapers if she wins. Way to prove you’re better than your crap town – sue who told them that you think they suck. Did no one ever tell this allegedly bullied girl the best revenge is living well? Clearly not.

Read the entire piece here and there is a link to the original piece there as well.

Hat tip Romenesko.