The SAFE Show Opened. But We’re Still Dangerous.

Last night we went to the opening of Paola Antonelli’s SAFE: Design Takes on Risk, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. And had a blast. The show’s on the top floor, and it’s enormous. Seriously. Something like three hundred objects from purple things we wanted to climb into when our reporting became too taxing, to a security camera tree to all sorts of wackily interesting body armor.


Lots of old and new friends and people whose names we know just because sometimes you just know who people are. Since we’re seeing her everywhere, we’ll start with Galia Solomonoff. Fred Schwartz and Tracey Hummer (who we saw again at Odeon, party report TK but it was, for real, the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen). Engineer Guy Nordenson. Architect/writer Beatriz Colomina and Columbia GSAPP dean Mark Wigley. Cooper head Anthony Vidler. All-around rockstar Lisa Gabor. Architect Alex Gorlin. Monacelli dude Nicolas “You bloggers are all the same” Rojas. Architect’s Newspaper-ers Cathy Ho and Bill Menking. Home section editor Tom de Kay. And of course, curatrix herself, Paola Antonelli, in floor-length vinyl.

Again, all we had was a cameraphone but we took some photos. Trying to be unobtrusive.



Show opens October 16th.