The Rumors Were True: Disney Is Acquiring Playdom for Up To $763.2 Million

As we suspected a few days ago in our 3 Reasons That Disney Would Buy Playdom article, Disney has announced plans to acquire Playdom.  The financials have been disclosed and at $563.2 million plus a $200 million earnout, the deal is larger than the approximately $400 million dollar deal that EA made to buy Playfish.  As we reported, the match is good, based on Playdom’s existing properties and Disney’s IP.  Once again, social gaming explodes to a whole new level… When will the growth stop?

The entire blog post from Disney is here, and the company highlights the 42 million monthly active users.  My favorite quote is this, though: “"We see strong growth potential in bringing together Playdom’s talented team and capabilities with our great creative properties, people and world-renowned brands like Disney, ABC, ESPN and Marvel." said Robert A. Iger, President and CEO, The Walt Disney Company.”

This means we will start to see some kick ass games that related to some of the most exciting brands in the world.  Imagine a casual MMO set in the Marvel universe, or a Worms game that uses Disney characters.  We’ll have more on the news as we get it, and take a deeper look later this week.  I’ve got to say kudos to John Pleasants, who from day one has strengthened Playdom from a MySpace only games network to one of the ‘big three’ in social gaming, and led them now to this stellar deal.