The Remains of the [Yester] Day

Here’s what I missed while wasting away from hunger in the name of the Lord:

  • Homeland Security: Extra-Secure if you’re rich! According to the NY Daily News, three days before last week’s subway threat, tipsters apparently connected to Homeland Security-types were emailing “the city’s rich and well-connected” warning them to stay out of the subways (NB because that’s how the rich and well-connected like to travel). While this smacks of those post-911 “Don’t go to the mall on Hallwe’en!” emails, it actually seems to be legit – the Daily News contacted one of the senders who declined to comment, the NYPD treats them as authentic, and it looks like they check out with Homeland Security, too (who said they “do not consider them to be of great significance” – funny, that’s just what they said about the terror threat in the first place!). Meanwhile, Bloomberg and the NYPD are bumping up the terror alert and prepping us for Armageddon. It’s great when you get conflicting messages about things like terrorist warnings. Homeland Security, you put the “moron” in “oxymoron.” [NYDN]
  • Now, back to the news that matters: Page Six has an update on the John Mariani/Huffy Chef story: apparently Huffy Chef Homaru Cantu‘s former publicist Janet Isabelli told them that her ex-client made the whole thing up. They also gave props to Mariani, which was nice of them. Corroborating what Esquire senior editor Dave Katz told us on Wednesday, Mariani told them that all he wanted was an apology. Hmm. What’s a Huffy Chef to do? [NYP]
  • Beethoven: The Hits Keep Comin’ This is amazing – a librarian in Pennsylvania stumbled upon a manuscript by Beethoven, an 80-page score in his own furious handwriting. It was just sitting on the bottom shelf of some dusty cabinet. The remains of yesterday, indeed. [NYT]
  • Zucker: Still feeling the NBC love Contrary to the recently-released Radar article on the fall of NBC prez Jeff Zucker, NBC execs report that he is still very much a valued member of the team. Jeff Immelt, Bob Wright and Katie Couric all went on the record in support of Zucker and in direct contradiction to the Radar story. Plus, Lowdown politely reminds you that they had the Neal Shapiro story first. [NYDN]
  • Andrew Heyward: The CBS love? Not so much, apparently Wow – apparently Les Moonves plans to prop up the unsteady foundation of CBS News with a little MTV pizzazz courtesy of hotshot MTV entertainment chief Brian Graden, according to “knowledgeable sources.” This would leave current CBS News prez Andrew Heyward out in the cold, not entirely a surprise since last year’s Dan Rather-ruining Memogate. Who knows whether the rumors are true, but one thing we do know: “CBS: Pimp My News” is a great headline. [NYP]
  • The New iPod: Making you that much more antisocial It’s offical: video is coming to your iPod (well, to the new iPod you’re no doubt going to buy). Steve Jobs unveiled it yesterday, along with a vid-version of the iTunes store where video files will be available for download for $1.99 (hey! They announced it in San Jose! Fishbowl gets lots of tech support from there.) NYT tech guy David Pogue marvels that the tecchies didn’t see it coming, and at Apple’s strategy; meanwhile, this is bound to make the L train way less romantic. [NYT]
  • …and last, but not least: With her final bout of testimony before the Grand Jury completed, Judith Miller has been cleared of contempt charges and is free to tell her story. Bill Keller says the Times is yearning to tell the story; believe me, we’re yearning to read it. [NYT]