The Remains of the Day

  • Is MoDo rebelling against TimesSelect? Or is she just reeeaaally lazy? [E&P]
  • Here a Harriet Miers, there a Harriet Miers, every where a Harriet Miers Miers: Sometimes, “Old McDonald” references don’t really fit. But still, Wonkette digs up a lot of people who resemble our newest gay-loving Supreme Court nominee, including Rachel Dratch, Nicole Richie, Ozzy Osbourne and an almost-Morrissey-riffic Robert Smith. We respectfully nominate Rue MacLanahan, too. [Wonkette]
  • The NYT discovers that hilarious “The Shining” trailer. Aw. Jack Torrance is so cuddly, especially when he’s wielding a hair-clotted mallet. Who’s up for some fun in the topiary? [NYT]
  • Oy, so much Judy! Here is the Observer‘s thrice-bylined take on The Judith Miller Experience. We’d add something new, but is that really possible now?
  • Wait, we can add this! Go to the NYT Judy video. Press play. Close your eyes and listen to her voice. Now, imagine her saying “You like me! You really like me!” I KNOW! Doesn’t she sound like Sally Field? Fishbowl, always adding meaningfully to the debate.
  • New awesome compliment: “Oh baby, you love me like a giant squid.”