The Recession Is Your Fault

Here’s your daily dose of WTF: two-thirds of Americans say ad agencies are partially to blame for the economic crisis by causing people to buy things they couldn’t afford. A full 33 percent believe that the ad agencies have “complete or a great deal” of responsibility. WHAT?!
Not only that, but 55 percent of Americans say that talk shows on TV or radio are to blame for the financial meltdown for the same reason—because the shows “caused people to buy things they couldn’t afford.”
Older Americans were more likely to blame media and ad agencies than younger ones, but a hefty chunk of each age group still was willing to blame the media.
How about, which companies sold investors crappy CDOs, causing our entire financial system to wobble precariously off-balance until it came crashing down around us?
Anyway, you can read the full survey here.
(hat tip: minonline)