The Reality Of Social Media Referrals: You Might Be A Sociopath

Social media is a great way to learn about jobs and build your network. And all of these things might lead to jobs.

But the icky truth about social media referrals: Your friends probably won’t get you a job. Your network might, and surely there’s overlap there, but HR expert John Sumser says in the following video that “your friends aren’t going to get you a job. And if you organized your friends so you had a series of business contacts that would get you a job, they tend to call people like that sociopaths.”

That’s a little harsh, but it’s true that your “normal” friends (the ones you didn’t sociopathically choose) aren’t necessarily good judges of how well you work. Sumser says his brother in law is probably a fine economic analyst, but “to me he’s that idiot I have to deal with at Christmas.”

Referrals are definitely a great way to get a job. But will those referrals come from your buddies or your colleagues?