‘The Proposal’ Is Free eBook Of The Day

To celebrate Friday the 13th, why not read some paranormal horror? Today’s Free eBook of the Day is just that, The Proposal by Elysabeth Eldering.

Here is more about the book from its description:

April 1st, a day filled with practical jokes and Stella’s 25th birthday. It looks to be a day filled with wonderful surprises and not of the killjoy jokes that Stella is the victim of because her boyfriend, Henry, the most straight-laced man she has ever met, who also has been the victim of many practical jokes from her family, takes her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Stella hopes this will be the night he proposes. Her mother’s hand in playing practical jokes on Stella shows up throughout the evening. Stella and Henry devise a joke of their own to play on her mother. After all, turn around is fair play. Find out if Stella accepts Henry’s proposal in The Proposal (An April Fools Day story).

Amazon has the free download.

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