The President’s Humor

…or as Ana Marie Cox calls him, the “Shecky-in-Chief.”

From Friday’s press conference:

Q Hi, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Fine. How are you doing?

Q I’m well today, thank you. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Did you start with, hi, Mr. President?

Q Hello, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, that’s fine. Either way, that’s always a friendly greeting, thank you.

Q We’re a friendly newspaper.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. (Laughter.) Let me just say, I’d hate to see unfriendly. (Laughter.)

Q Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: Want me to go on to somebody else, and you collect your — (laughter.) Sorry, go ahead, Sheryl.

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So your question was Sheryl’s question?

Q No, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, you were following up on Sheryl’s question?

Q Yes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s a first. (Laughter.)

Q We’re a friendly paper, too. (Laughter.)

Thank you. Let’s see, Wendell. Coming your way. Everybody is going to get one.

Q My apologies, Mr. President, for talking too long at the start.

THE PRESIDENT: Don’t worry. I’m not going to apologize for talking too long to your answer. (Laughter.)

Q Talk as long as you’d like, sir. (Laughter.)

Dave. He’s back.

Q Sorry, I’ve got to get disentangled —

THE PRESIDENT: Would you like me the go to somebody else here, until you — (laughter.)

Q Sorry.

THE PRESIDENT: But take your time, please. (Laughter.)

Q I really apologize for that. Anyway —

THE PRESIDENT: I must say, having gone through those gyrations, you’re looking beautiful today, Dave. (Laughter.)

Next man.

Q No, but wait a second, I think this is an important point —

THE PRESIDENT: I know you think it’s an important point. (Laughter.)


Q This will not endanger U.S. troops —

THE PRESIDENT: David, next man, please. Thank you. It took you a long time to unravel, and it took you a long time to ask your question.

Let’s see, who else? The front row people have all asked. Hutch.

Q Good morning.

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Thank you.

Q On both the eavesdropping program and the detainee issues —

THE PRESIDENT: We call it the terrorist surveillance program, Hutch.

Q That’s the one.