The Post Lobbies

We knew they were physically close to K Street…

    The Washington Post Needing Its Own Federal Assistance

    August 25 2006 5:44 PM Patrick Butler is the first in-house lobbyist for The Washington Post Company. Issues Butler will be working on are the following: Higher Education Act, the Free Flow of Information Act, Pension Reform, DC College Access Act and Rural Utilities Service/Agriculture Appropriations. No political giving could be determined for Butler.

Judy Sarasohn wrote about this in her Sept. 7 column.

    In-House Lobbyist a First for The Post

    Closer to home — actually, at home . . . Washington Post Vice President Patrick Butler has registered to lobby on behalf of the newspaper company. He apparently is The Post’s first-ever registered in-house federal lobbyist.

    Butler said he registered because he has been “spending a fair amount of time trying to secure passage of a federal shield law to protect the confidentiality of journalists’ sources and keep journalists out of jail.”

    “I’m not sure I’ve actually reached the 20 percent threshold that would require registration, but we decided to register anyway in an abundance of caution,” he said in an e-mail.

    Butler said his other duties at The Post involve business development, community service projects and television production.