The Post Also Has Polling Problems!

…and Gene Weingarten is none too happy about it.

    Gene Weingarten: Good Monday morning. This is our Early Intro, one of several new features of Chatological Humor. Guess what? THE POLL is back.

    We would like to report that it is back because the sachems of The Washington Post Online leapt to our aid. Alas, we’ve been unable to persuade anyone in charge — busy people, with much on their plates — that they must address the embarrassment of lousy Post polling software that keeps crashing. Perhaps that will someday happen. In the meantime, memos have gone unanswered. Pleas have gone unheeded. Wounded entreaties have been met with implacable silence. Whining has been countered by indifference and somnolence. Bizarre threats to sever body parts and mail them to post dotcom execs have been left hanging, as it were.

    So Chatwoman and I have decided to take matters into our own hands. We have rented new software ourselves, she and I, paying for it out of pocket. Possibly The Post will reimburse us, possibly not. We … just … did … it.

    Please do not thank us. Your silent adulation is reward enough.