The Plot Thickens: Sag and the Studios

Sharon Waxman is following this story over at her blog:

Forget the Pellicano trial. The documents emerging in another case in downtown L.A. raise serious questions of dubious dealings between Hollywood’s labor unions and the studios, on the eve of negotiations over a new contract.

A lawsuit brought last fall against the Screen Actors Guild by actor

Ken Osmond, a member of the guild who played Eddie Haskell on “Leave it to Beaver” in the 1950s, has revealed the existence of a secret 2002 agreement between the studios and the guild, granting the major studios half of the money collected abroad on behalf of actors from the sale of DVDs, blank VHS tapes and cable transmissions. Half!

European governments levy taxes on such sales, and allot this money to writers, directors and actors. But SAG, just like the directors guild and the writers guild, has generously chosen to share this money with the studios.

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