The Perfect Ugh Christmas Gift…

We all have a certain someone in our lives who’s hard to shop for every time Christmas rolls around. They’re finicky. They return everything. They look visibly distressed and disappointed to the point of pissed when they open their gifts. So why not look to the esteemed gifting advice of Larry Sinclair, who has just the gift for you: It’s his book, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

If anyone forgets Sinclair, he’s that curly-haired hot mess who rented a room for his own press conference at the National Press Club in June of 2008 to allege a gay relationship with President Obama. For a wild walk down memory lane, watch here.

On his website he says the book “would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who wants to know the truth about Barack Obama.” He says the thing can be gift wrapped AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE and sent to the person it is directed to — God knows we don’t want this ending up in Nanna’s hands considering the accusations include fellatio among other hairy details she doesn’t need to see.