The People Who Didn’t Make The Final Cut Haters Write In

hottestmedia.gifNot everyone thinks you’re hot D.C.:

  • Wow. Subjectivity is a crazy thing. Some or all of you clearly are giving play to your troll fetishes. You’ve picked some real Keeblers in the male categories, and some of the women you think of as “hot” … well… Ain’t. If you want hot, stick with hot. You’re giving a few of the uglies some undue consideration. And this town has enough of those.

  • What exactly is it you people are seeing when you look at these photos? Some of your choices for the males are inexplicable. Next year, pls rename your ‘contest’ “DC Dorkfest. (Featuring a smattering of decent enough looking people to deflect attention from fishbowldc’s odd preferences).” Y’all left out some top-notch people for some real low- to mid-levellers. tsk tsk.

  • Hottest media types? This looks like a major bunch of tools.

  • Hotties?! You’re kidding me right? I’d rather we go back to last year’s list of on-air male hotties. Sure collectively they slept w/ half of DC (many aren’t that good by the way) and sure they spread social diseases far and wide, but at least they were good to look at…. this year’s list certainly won’t keep IT teams up late at night generating votes…