The Orange County Press Club Annual Gala

We went to the Island Hotel in Newport Beach last night. The problem with Orange County is that as soon as we hit the border and start seeing the tract homes and the vaguely familiar strip malls and the also vaguely familiar regular malls – we have that stupid theme song “California” stuck in our head.

So humming a song so cheesy that the first time we heard it thought was a parody, we found the Press Club members having cocktails before dinner.

We noted how good looking and toothy some of the ‘journalists’ in the OC were. Unnamed reporter was heard to remark, “They let PR people into the press club now. PR people?! What do I have to say to them?” Mystery solved.

Now we would have been able to name that reporter and everyone else but as it turned out everyone’s co-favorite fishy, Mayrav – couldn’t make it last night. Yeah, no pitching in for gas. No knowing who everyone was. So if our coverage of the event seems spotty – it’s Mayrav’s fault for having a life outside of FBLA.