The Old York Times

It is August, where everything is slow, so I guess we shouldn’t blame newspapers for being two months behind the ball on some stories.

From today’s NYT:

    Unions Say EPA Bends to Political Pressure


    WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 — Unions representing thousands of staff scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency say the agency is bending to political pressure and ignoring sound science in allowing a group of toxic chemicals to be used in agricultural pesticides.

    Leaders of several federal employee unions say the chemicals pose serious risks for fetuses, pregnant women, young children and the elderly through food and exposure and should not be approved by Thursday, the Congressional deadline for completing an agency review of thousands of substances in pesticides.

    “We are concerned that the agency has not, consistent with its principles of scientific integrity and sound science, adequately summarized or drawn conclusions” about the chemicals, union leaders told the agency administrator, Stephen L. Johnson, in a newly disclosed letter sent May 25.

Two months, 8 days earlier, from a NRDC Press Release:


    They Allege Interference in Pesticide Reviews from Agency Managers and Industry

    WASHINGTON (May 25, 2006) — New questions are being raised today about the integrity of the science being performed at the Environmental Protection Agency.

    In a letter to EPA administrator Stephen L. Johnson, leaders of unions representing about 9,000 scientists and other agency employees allege that EPA managers and pesticide industry officials are exerting “political pressure” on the researchers to overlook important test results in their ongoing assessment of a family of pesticides that may be harmful to fetuses, infants and children.