The NY Post Loses Over $50 Million a Year But Things are Great

The assertion of a New York piece on the The New York Post: The paper has long been in trouble, but now that it’s housed under News Corp., and can no longer hide its deficiencies with piles of TV and movie studio money, things are especially grim. Given that the Post’s annual losses are estimated at a little over $50 million, this seems like a reasonable stance. But no! The Post is doing great, says Jesse Angelo, the tabloid’s editor.

“Many people have wanted to write our obituary in the past, and it is wishful thinking,” Angelo told New York. “We’re not going anywhere. We have one of the best brands in the business.” Angelo’s plan? Conquer the web. While we don’t see having a strong web presence as enough to overcome constantly hemorrhaging money, Angelo thinks otherwise. One key, he said, was native advertising:

I would say, ‘You, dear advertiser, want to create content. Come to us; I can help you create better content than you can perhaps do on your own. We are the New York Post. We create content.’

You have to admit, that’s a better tagline than “We are the New York Post. We lose $50 million a year.”