The NFL Wants You to Know That the Big Game Might Just Get Snowed Out


In the history of professional American football, only one game has been cancelled or delayed due to snow.

Despite this fact, the NFL is telling any sports writer who will listen all about the contingency plans it developed to address the infinitesimally small chance that this Sunday’s game gets cancelled or delayed because of the weather in New Jersey. We’re not into gambling, but if it’s time for ridiculous bets then we hereby declare that no marketing copywriter will try to recreate last year’s Oreo tweet.

Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports suspects that all these headlines regarding the worst case scenario might just be the result of a little publicity trick played on the public by the NFL.

Could it be?

We initially figured that there’s no way to make the world’s most expensive promo event any bigger, louder or more important, but on second thought we’ve reconsidered; nobody does flashy and overstated quite like the National Football League.

A second possible explanation: the NFL is planning to delay the game in order to give every single brand on Twitter an opportunity to make the same joke at the same time.

Hey, it could happen. Technically.