The New York Times, Wall Street Journal Still Bickering Like Children

The feud between The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal is alive and well, even if a lot of the fighting is about meaningless stuff. The latest example comes from the Times’ reporter Michael Barbaro. Apparently Barbaro was mad that the Journal wrote about Anthony Weiner’s wife being pregnant without crediting the Times for breaking the story.

This is obviously a very important news item, so the public must know who reported it first. Barbaro, replying to the lack of credit, tweeted, “For second time in two weeks, WSJ borrows NYT reporting on Weiner without attribution, ending era of courtesy.”

The New York Observer reports that the Journal then published an Op-Ed that irked Barbaro even more, because the piece didn’t mention the Times. Barbaro, seemingly taking the bait, tweeted a link to the offending story along with “WSJ, furthering no NYT mention policy, refers obliquely to ‘Manhattan broadsheet’ in editorial; mentions NY Sun by name.”

FishbowlNY thinks Barbaro needs a hobby. Or five.