The New York Times Launches TV Show

The New York Times is preparing to launch a weekly half-hour show called NYTV, which will feature lifestyle segments edited by Times staffers. The show premieres next Monday at 8:30 pm on something called NYC Media, a channel we’ve never heard of before.

But that’s not the point. The point is, that much like Times Cinema – the paper’s programming shown at movie theaters – NYTV shows dedication to furthering the brand. Gerald Marzorati, Assistant Managing Editor for the Times, tells The Cutline:

The push – and it’s a slow, careful push – is simply part of our commitment to be a news organization available on as many platforms and in as many media as we can be. You saw video much more front and center in our coverage of the uprising in Cairo, for example, than you would have a year or two ago. And there are a couple of new webcasts in the works or in the planning stages.

It might seem odd that the most well-known newspaper in the world (based on extensive studies by The Committee Who Only Considers American Things) needs more exposure, but every little bit helps.