The New York Times Can’t Figure Out How it Feels About Twitter

Bill Keller, The New York Times’ Executive Editor, doesn’t like Twitter. He talks about it making us all stupid and he writes columns explaining how it’s ruining our relationships. Janet Robinson, the Times’ CEO, likes Twitter. Or at least, she likes to talk about how much Twitter likes the Times. Something is amiss.

Forbes reports that Robinson – in a speech to NYU students – boasted about how popular the paper is on the social networking site yesterday:

The New York Times has more than 3 million Twitter followers on its main account. That is nearly 2 million more than any other newspaper. We’re proud of that….For some people, all the news that’s fit to print means all the news that fits in 140 characters or less in real time.

So which is it? Does the Times like Twitter or not?

Obviously Keller can have a different view of it than Robinson, but maybe it’s time they have a meeting and figure out whether the paper’s relationship with Twitter is going to be a love/hate, or a hate/hate. Because as it stands right now, we have no idea which one it is.