The New York Observer Has Lists

It’s that time of the year again. Time for everyone to make those “Best [fill in the blank] of 2010” lists. Not that we don’t like them, we do. Reading end of the year lists is like reading Bill Simmons, everyone talks about how much they hate the articles, but then reads every single one. While we work on our Sandwiches That Sort Of Looked Like Presidents list for the year, The New York Observer has come through with several “best of” lists that are worth reading.

There’s Biggest Media Launches (New York’s Vulture getting its own blog was one of our favorites for that list), Most Memorable Magazine Covers (we’re partial to The Atlantic’s May cover, featuring Marc Ambiner’s piece on obesity accompanied by a rotund Statue of Liberty) and the Most Scandalous Media Shakeups (number one is pretty easy to guess). Check those out so you can tell all your friends about how much you hate them. Oh, and if you’re still wondering, the ham on rye from August that slightly resembled Franklin Pierce is probably going to be number one for our list.