The New-York Daily Times Debuted 162 Years Ago Today

On this date in 1851, The New-York Daily Times — the ancestor to The New York Times — hit newsstands for the first time. The paper cost only one cent, but you can bet people complained about the price anyway.

Here are some of the hot news stories of that day:

  • When two rival blacksmiths met at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 22nd Street, “angry words passed.”
  • A woman wearing bloomers was seen walking on Sixth Avenue.
  • The fire department responded to two fires that ended up being false alarms.
  • The top story was the weather, but it was bumped by President Millard Fillmore’s speech. However, the paper promised to cover the weather eventually. “The President cannot always be lionizing through the country, and as soon as he returns home we shall endeavor to do this important subject full justice,” explained the Daily Times’ editors.