The New Work/Life Balance

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The recession has gotten a lot of people to think differently about work-life balance, a new study shows.

Out of more than 1,100 workers polled by a professor at Florida State University in Tallahassee, more than a third said work “wasn’t as important as it once was” (i.e. before the recession), nearly a quarter (23 percent) said they realized they had been over-committed to work, and 43 percent said that the recession “increased motivation to be a better person rather than just a better employee.”

Unsurprisingly, seven in ten workers also said that most workdays “seem like they will never end.”

The research may mean that the silver lining from the recession is a bigger focus on life outside of work.

One survey participant said:

“I’ve learned a lot from the younger people we hired here in the past few years. I’ve learned that there is a big world out there away from work where there are fun things to do and people who care about me not because I pay the bills, but because I’m Dad.”