The New iPhone You’ll Probably Never/Maybe/Possibly See


Finally, to end this writer’s day on a bit of fun, here’s something you might have missed unless you’re an addict of any Mac news sites. Wired has gotten their hands on a 2006 patent Apple applied for, with the design plans for something that looks like a clamshell iPhone. It’s cool and all, but we really love these sorts of stories because it’s all just a huge bunch of excited conjecture. Without knowing the whole story behind why the patent was applied for, from actually wanting to design the thing or simply to safeguard themselves in case they one day wanted to give this sort of thing a try, but as more of a way to push competitors away from the idea, is likely known only to a select few. In a sense, it’s like wondering what the alien base is going to look like once we run across their kind in the year 2249. But we love it because we’re suckers for this sort of thing too. Here’s a bit:

The patent, submitted for approval to the US. Patent Office in late 2006, details a capacitive touchscreen sensor on a clamshell design. There’s a transparent touch panel that covers the top of the shell, and when it’s opened, the inside of the panel is touch as well. Basically, it appears that Apple is enabling as many parts of the physically exposed material to be touch sensitive. This would then allow the company to expand its UI and OS capabilities to come up with interesting features we didn’t know we needed.