The New Fancy-fied Face of Walmart

This writer will admit that, in between living in big cities, Phoenix and then Chicago, respectively, he did a two-year stint in the thriving metropolitan mecca that is Iowa City, Iowa. And during this time, if you wanted something that couldn’t be found at one of the two grocery stores in town, you had no other choice but to go to the Target in Coralville, a fifteen minute drive away, or the Walmart, which was practically across the street. So more often than not, when he needed something bigger than juice or bread, he’d just go to the Walmart, which is not so big on aesthetics and made him feel a little dirty. But now it sounds like Walmart is taking a page from Target and is taking some time to think about their “look,” as we read in this post: “Walmart’s Newest Store Goes for Style.” It’s really interesting, thorough look at the possible beginnings of a big design renovation. Could it change the way people think of the stores? Just think of Target’s before and after. Here’s some:

Creative use of lighting is also found throughout the store. Some of the directional signage is lit from within, and portions of the Produce area have sparse halogen lighting, with many shelving units being lit from within. The low light creates a more subdued atmosphere and may actually make the food look better (I was hungry, so I may be biased there). It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Walmart took some pages from HEB’s Central Market design book, as it was very reminiscent of that style.