The New (and Improved?) Ana Marie Cox

Seems Ana Marie Cox is pulling back the curtain on her own fall from grace in Washington. Writing for The Guardian from her new perch in Austin, Texas, she analyzes GOP Presidential contender Herman Cain‘s latest accuser, Sharon Bialek in the blunt manner for which she’s known. She speaks of the slickness of Washington and the personal trouble one can face when spousal supervision doesn’t happen. Hmmm…could this be autobiographical?

“My own experience in DC tells me that parking lot propositions are
far from rare, though not always so direct. Washington is a town of
favors and suggestions, and an environment in which a lot of people
spend a lot of time unsupervised by significant others. You get your
way often enough, in any context, then you start to think you can have

“It takes an enormous amount of self-importance to pull somebody’s
head to your crotch. Almost as much as it takes to run for president.”

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