The Nano NY Times

Art and the Zen of Design brings us the inevitable result of all that downsizing-

It’s finally come to this. The august “Gray Lady,” the venerable New York Times, today announced its new “Nano” edition. “We shrunk everything else,” Sully Oxburger, the Times’ publisher-in-chief explained. “First, we shrunk the number of pages, then the number of sections, then our offices, then our staff, and finally our printing facilities. Then one day I saw the new Ipod Nano, and I the idea just came to me.”
By shrinking the newspaper down to this new size, the Times was able to further downsize its production facilities, production staff, and its use of ink and paper. “In going to this new size,” Oxburger explained, “we reduced our overall printing and delivery costs by 95%. Our printing presses have been replaced by high-speed desktop laser printers, and our delivery trucks by Volkswagen Beetles.”