The Naked Cowboy Vs. The Candy Company

0221cowboy.jpgTimes Square’s Naked Cowboy is suing Mars Inc. for copyright infringement over an M&M’s ad. The Cowboy, real name Robert Burck, is peeved over an M&M’s video billboard in Times Square portraying an M&M cowboy:

Last week Burck filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan against Mars Inc., the candy goliath, demanding more than $6 million on grounds of trademark infringement. For months, according to Burck and his lawyers, Mars used a cartoon character based on the Naked Cowboy in a video billboard outside its M&M’s World store on Broadway, just three blocks north of 45th Street and Broadway, Burck’s performance spot of choice. The round little light-blue fella, unnamed, carried a guitar and wore a Stetson, cowboy boots and nothing but skivvies. He appeared to be singing in Times Square.

There’s more on the story over at Adweek and the New York Post.

The Naked Cowboy isn’t exactly hurting for money though: He routinely earns personal appearence fees in the $5-$10,000 range for parties and events and shares a condo in Secaucus with his girlfriend. Here’s his life goal:

“I want the determination of Caesar the Great, Napoleon, Honda and all the ‘greats’ together in one monumental man. I want to absorb all the great qualities of kindness, charisma and grace.”

(Image via Adweek)