The Museum of the Designer Diaspora


We’ve been a regular at the offices of Sussman/Prejza for about a year now, and each time we visit, we’re always astounded by two things. First, the cacophony of collages, artifacts, photos and sketches that have adorned the walls as they’ve worked on the exhibit design for the Museum of the African Diaspora. Second, of course, is Deborah Sussman herself, whom we see as our own personal style guide, but also as one of the greatest environmental and exhibition designers of all time.

MoAD, as you may call it, is featured in the New York Times today. And as Lorraine Wild pointed out this morning, writer Edward Rothstein never mentions design diva Deborah Sussman. Or Paul Prejza. Who make up the firm Sussman/Prejza. Who designed the exhibition at the Museum of the African Diaspora.

Instead, Rothstein mentions the architects:

That is what the Museum of the African Diaspora, designed by the North Carolina firm the Freelon Group, is meant to be.

Because only buildings can really be designed, you know. The rest is just, um, there. Full credits where credits are due here.