The Museum of Plagiarism…The Plagiarism Museum


By way of the smart fellers over at Industrial Brand Creative, we were pointed to a full feature story in Business Week concerning something we’d heard about, just hadn’t read a ton of info on: The Museum Plagiarius, just outside of Cologne, Germany. You don’t have to understand Latin (though ‘plagiarius’ means ‘kidnapped in Latin anyway, so it might not help to go the verbatim route) to get what the museum is about. It’s a beautiful structure filled to the brim with objects that look dang similar to the real thing, but are completely fake. And it’s a whole batch of everything, from medical equipment to those handbags you see people selling on the street. Business Week’s coverage of it is fantastic, with loads of great photos. Perfect browsing for a Friday. Here’s a little:

[The objects] come from the annual Plagiarius Awards, presented by the museum’s co-founder Professor Rido Busse at the world’s largest consumer-goods trade fair Ambiente, which takes place each February in Frankfurt. For 30 years, an independent jury convened by the designer and university lecturer has awarded the Plagiarius to a handful of unscrupulous copies, each submitted by the exasperated original designers. “The idea is to shame the con men and help the general public realize how widespread the problem is — it’s not just limited to Louis Vuitton bags,” says Professor Busse.