The Mother of All Ad Agencies Turns Ten


Remember on Tuesday when we were talking about the famous agency Mother auctioning off a page in Creative Review? Well, if you weren’t all that familiar with Mother and were in any way confused and/or scared and/or saddened, or otherwise affected by that post, here is your remedy. By way of Brand Spanking New, we found this great piece on the agency’s 10 year anniversary that the Independent did. Here’s a little:

Like much of their work, they tend to polarise opinion. Little known outside their industry, admirers say they are a force of creative revolutionaries who have pushed advertising to its limit and have been consistently the most daring, most original and most creative advertising agency in the world since they first opened.

…But to their detractors they are a bunch of pretentious, lightweight opportunists, latching on to every passing fad, before smothering it in ironic 1970s wallpaper and turning it into a commercial. Arrogant, precious and formulaic, it is only a matter of time before they are found out, runs the argument.