The Most Popular FishbowlNY Posts for 2016

It was one hell of a year.

As our top 15 posts of the year show, 2016 was pretty wild. Let’s all agree not to do that again, okay?

Our most-read items include Roger Ailes’ downfall, fake news, Donald Trump, Playboy’s venture into non-nude territory, major changes at Time Inc. and much more.

As always, thanks for reading. We look forward to having you around next year. Unless Trump throws us in jail for libel.

Top 15 Posts for 2016

  1. Roger Ailes Bragged About Hiring Someone to Physically Assault Gabriel Sherman
  2. Boston University Student Blogged About Peyton Manning-Jamie Naughright in 2014
  3. Three Strikes and This Fake News Site Is Out
  4. Nebraska Model Makes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition History
  5. Wall Street Journal Readers Rail Against Trump Story
  6. This Fake News Site Really Is Batty
  7. Coming This Holiday Season: RedTube the Print Magazine
  8. Ernest Hemingway’s Great-Granddaughter Is Playboy’s First ‘Non-Nude Playmate’
  9. Josh Tyrangiel Heralds ‘Boatload’ of Vice News Hires
  10. NY Times Still Waiting on Trump’s Lawsuit
  11. Vice Adds a Dozen
  12. Former AOL CMO Swivels to Barstool Sports as Site’s First CEO
  13. New Yorker Names Emily Greenhouse Managing Editor
  14. Journalism Student Decides New York Times Is Not for Her
  15. Meredith Is Folding More Magazine