The Most Pirated TV Show of the Season

The HBO adaptation of George RR Martin‘s Game of Thrones series has been named the Most Pirated TV Show of the Season by TorrentFreak.

The website counted an estimated 5,200,000 downloads per single episode on public BitTorrent trackers, compared to the 5,500,000 estimated viewers for an episode on HBO. The real piracy numbers are hard to calculate as online storage lockers and other services are also used by pirates. Here’s more from TorrentFreak:

The achievement comes as no surprise since the show has broken two piracy records in a few weeks …. many of the people connected to the show saw it as a compliment rather than a major threat that needs to be dealt with. The most outspoken position was taken by David Petrarca, the show’s director, who noted that unauthorized downloads actually do more good than harm.