The More Things Change, Etc.: Obama Emulated Bush Press Tactics

Over at Politico Michael Calderone got his hands on an advance copy of this Sunday’s NYT Magazine which features a profile of Barack Obama’s incoming press secretary Robert Gibbs by Mark Leibovich. The piece also talks about the campaign’s four letter word strategy when it came to the press: Bush. It’s not new news that more than once over the campaign season journalists commented and complained about the Obama camp’s strict press access and control over his message, so perhaps this excerpt pulled by Calderone shouldn’t come as a total surprise.

Plouffe himself admitted to me that the Obama campaign subscribed to the “Bush model” of communications discipline. Asked if Obama himself spoke of the “Bush model,” Plouffe told me he did.

Apparently other tidbits include “campaign staff bragging about never sitting down with the Washington Post‘s editorial board, as well as Gibbs admitting to &#151 on occasion — keeping reporters off the plane because of their coverage (hmm, including Ryan Lizza?).