The More Things Change… Apple Pages, Keynote, Numbers Are 1,2,3 in Top Grossing Apps List

I doubt if anyone was surprised to see Apple’s iPad versions of its office suite (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) top the iPad App Store Top Grossing list back in April after the iPad launched. But, who would have guessed that these three $9.99 apps would still be at positions 1, 2, and 3 of the top grossing iPad apps more than 6 months later?

All three apps dropped a few notches over the months. I think Numbers may have dropped out of the top 10 into the low teens at one point. However, all three have remained solid sellers as new iPad owners join the ranks each day.

It is also interesting to note that a bit more than 6 months after the iPad launched the top 10 grossing iPad apps are evenly divided (5 and 5) into office productivity apps (Pages, Keynote, Numberes, Documents To Go Premium, LogMein Ignition) and games (Angry Birds HD, Cut the Rope HD, Restaurant Story, Tap Zoo, SCRABBLE for iPad). The iPad is truly a general purpose computing device.