The Mobile Operating System Upgrade Gamble: Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab Have an Android OS Upgrade Path?

The HP 2210/2215 shipped with Windows Mobile 2003 and was never provided an upgrade path to Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. If you have a Windows Mobile 6.x phone (like me), there is no official upgrade path to get Windows Phone 7 on that phone. This is probably especially disappointing to HTC HD2 owners who may have thought that the device’s then high performance specs made it Windows Phone 7 ready. Apple has been very good about providing platform upgrade paths for the iPhone. However, the first generation iPhone doesn’t have good enough hardware specs to run iOS4. And, the second generation iPhone 3G can be upgraded to iOS4 but does not support multitasking and runs very slowly (which is why multitasking is not supported).

In the excitement of buying new gadgets, we (and this includes me) often forget to think about operating system upgrade paths for a new device. I was reminded of this when I read this unsubstantiated rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android powered tablet) will be able to be upgraded to the next two generations of Android OS.

Galaxy Tab will receive the Gingerbread and Honeycomb updates [Updated]

Unfortunately, there isn’t a shred of evidence this is true. However, it served as a good reminder that some gadgets we buy today may be stuck at the version of the operating system that ships with it.