The March of the Indictments: How Soon Is Now?

It’s 12:26 pm. Do you know where your indictments are?

According to Wolf Blitzer’s super-split-screen Situation Room on CNN, they’ve apparently moved from the grand jury room to the Magistrate’s Office to “present” the indictments. So it shouldn’t be long now. As an aside, one of his pundits just said that Valerie Plame isn’t the only undercover CIA agent married to some famous DC diplomat. There are a whole BUNCH of people running around DC in scarves and sunglasses! [CNN – Wolf Blitzer]

12:30: President Bush has just arrived at the White House — no statement. Dana Bash said that it’s impossible for the White House officials to mask the tension that’s been building for the past few weeks. Bush expected make a statement later. Cheney’s travelling; written statement expected. This is assuming that things go as expected.

12:36 pm: This calm before the storm is amazing. The NYT hasn’t been updated since 9:57 am. CNN has the same homepage as it’s had for hours: Libby crutching out of the White House toward certain doom. Quiet at Wonkette, and Fishbowl DC. Everyone is waiting.

12:39 pm: Whoa! Wonkette says that Libby has resigned. Scoop to Fox. Not on the website yet. Standby for confirmation.

12:42: IT’S OFFICIAL: SCOOTER LIBBY HAS BEEN INDICTED. At least on obstruction of justice, on perjury, and making false statements. Per Wolf.

12:53 pm: Fox’s website is still pre-indictment; MSNBC has it up; CNN’s got it; the NYT has it but the updated timestamp says 12:02pm. Huh?